operation instruction
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Main product introduction

I, Electronic speed control (tracking frequency) generator-sets.

Through constantly technology development and research, we have improved from traditional mechanical speed generator to closed electronic speed update, completely eradicated away big errors of frequency fluctuations, a large voltage waveform distortion, difficult to debug and mechanical speed gear easily broken, speed variable, speed box oil leakage and other Problems and abuses caused by past Generator governor. Controlling the engine running under the setting rotating speed(frequency), its speed fluctuation rate<0.25%, frequency stable in range in 50+0.5HZ, suddenly increasing or reduce the load frequency, it can come back to stable data within the 3S, Tracking the frequency Precision, stable power quality. adjusting maintenance convenient, are our present basic unit types.

II, Gas,  liquefied petroleum gas (LGP) , piped natural gas (NG) , compressed natural gas (CNG) generator sets.

The energy saving derived liquefied petroleum gas (8.5-25kw) , piped natural gas (8.5-25kw) and compressed natural gas pipeline (8.5-25kw) and other generating units, high energy efficiency ratio, combustion safety, emissions clean. As a green power generation equipment, energy saving and pollution emissions are the biggest highlight of the aircraft.

III, Same power (single/three phase) output generator

In order to meet the user need to use different voltages, when this unit is under single-phase (220V) or three-phase load (380V)case of equal, it can graft to load voltage, so to meet "one machine double usage" single-phase (220V) load power up to 17kw, three-phase (380V) load power up to 19kw,and the single, three phase can be used simultaneously (the total power or less) .

IV, Automatic (unattended) generator

Following the technical requirements of automotive engine operation mode, we self-developed and produced automatic water-cooled gasoline generator set (8.5-25kw) , with big load power, self start and stop, double switch, unattended features. The unit can quickly start generator when the outside power cut off (city power) , the idle speed will automatically warm the water temperature and increase the speed to the set working speed (frequency) to run; After building pressure (rated voltage) is completed, it will be Automatic off with load, when electric (utility) calls on, automatically stop on standby.

V, Unit features

The unit has a green power, less pollution, easy operation, high reliability. with speeding, high temperature, low oil pressure and other protection function, electronic speed quick response, small ripple, good performance, LCD display voltage, frequency. temperature, and oil levels, timing etc., optional auto-start, charging, switching function, the choice of mute chassis (7 meters noise 75db±6db).

VI, the scope of application

The generator used for villas, gardens, farm homes, small hospitals, shopping malls, bank, small corporation, construction sites, mining, border posts, highway toll stations, communication base stations.

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